Keep the Samples in Order Using the Tube Writer

Scribbler allows you to print directly to the surface of centrifuge and cryogenic tubes. No labels or marker pens are needed. Marking is resistant to alcohol, water, liquid nitrogen and mechanical stress. Markings do not stain your hands when touching the tubes.

Several lines of text can be printed, for example sample name, sampling site, your name, date, time etc. Text orientation can be vertical or horizontal.

Printing straight to the surface is much easier and faster than marking by hand, so there will be more time for research itself.

The tube writer and keyboard come with a 2-year guarantee.


Our exclusive international distribution partner is:

4titude Ltd.

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What is Scribbler?

Scribbler is developed in cooperation with researchers and laboratory assistants especially for printing on microcentrifuge tubes.

The idea to develop a tube writer was born in an experiment in which several thousands of microcentrifuge tubes were marked by hand using a permanent marker.


We also provide accessories for the tube writer.

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The keyboard can be cleaned with alcohol and it can also be washed using water and detergent. Keyboard protection class is IP68, so it can be fully immersed under the water.

The keyboard is ideal for laboratory use where moisture resistance, cleanliness and durability are important.

Ink Ribbon

A single 300-meter ribbon can be used to mark up to 100,000 centrifuge tubes. Changing the ribbon is quick and easy.

Compatible Centrifuge Tubes

We import and sell compatible 0.5ml, 1.5ml and 2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes. Other plastic (PP/PE) tubes with smooth surface and 8-25mm in diameter can also be used.


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