Adaptive Electronics Engineering

Snaketronics Ltd was founded in 2007. We manufacture and sell centrifuge tube writers and printer supplies for laboratory use and import high quality microcentrifuge tubes which are suitable to use with the tube writer.

In addition, we offer electronics, embedded software and mechanical equipment design services, including automation systems. We have wide experience in various microcontroller families, analog and digital technology as well as instrumentation and measurement technology.

Our offices are located in Kirkkonummi and Tampere.

Check Out the New Tube Writer!

  • print directly on the surface of centrifuge tubes, labels or stickers are not required
  • clearer and more durable marking compared to e.g. marker pen
  • marking is resistant to alcohol, water, liquid nitrogen and mechanical stress
  • most of 8-25 mm diameter tubes with smooth surface can be used
  • prints a tube in a couple of seconds
  • import data from Excel files
  • can also be used without a computer
  • learn more about the tube writer

"Tube writer speeds up tube marking and makes it very easy!"
- Laboratory assistant using Scribbler

We Provide Compatible Centrifuge Tubes

Test tubes
  • 0.5 ml PP, conical bottom
  • 1.5 ml PP, conical bottom
  • 2.0 ml PP, round bottom
  • all tube types can be autoclaved
  • RCF > 20,000 x g
  • smooth surface (no scale / frosted area)
  • possible to order as sterile
  • order centrifuge tubes here